Thursday, December 31, 2009

US stepping up aid to Yemen

As reported by AFP.  I have no problem with the concept of stepping up military and economic aid to Yemen, but in a way it's typically "us" (or "U.S."): throw money at treating the symptoms rather than make the tough decisions to change the policies that have largely fed the problem  -- i.e.,
  • unstinting support for the ongoing Israeli bullying of the West Bank's and Gaza's people
  • unstinting support for corrupt, often brutal regimes that suppress popular Muslim movements (see Egypt, Afghanistan)
  • unrelenting assertions from US politicians and mainstream media that what the American way of life offers is inherently superior to what is offered by any other way of life, especially if it's rooted in Islam.
Meanwhile, word is that the Obama people are mulling target lists in Yemen, even as they want to step up the aid there.  I won't be at all surprised to see reports of Predator strikes in Yemen in the days immediately ahead.  Predator strikes usually produce "collateral damage" - i.e., new enemies made, more hearts and minds lost, more angry Muslims who might be convinced to try to blow up American passenger jets.

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