Friday, November 11, 2011

The US's "Clean" Exit from Iraq

As reported in the NYT.
We're closing down "Camp Victory" - and none too soon.
But please begrudge me an observation on a rather myopic comments by an Army "historian" (whose impartiality about the US adventure in Iraq will, I'm so sure, be impeccable).  The man is quoted as saying:
“We’re not taking anything that the Iraqis had. We are only taking stuff that we put in, we utilized, and when we didn’t need it anymore, we took it home.”
Well, golly, Mr. Army Historian, before we went in, at least 100,000 Iraqis (some say closer to a million) still had their lives, and thousands more had all their limbs, both eyes, and a measure of sanity.  They also had homes, and even livelihoods.
They also had a lot more of the remnants and records of their history.  But, that's OK.  Being the swell people that we are, we've boxed a lot of it up - like the records of its Jewish community, and the records of the Saddam era - and we're keeping it in storage for them.  (Well, on the other hand, there are all those ancient cylinder seals that keep popping up on eBay.)
But, hey, other than that, it's all good, right.  Like they always told us in that paramilitary organization known as the BSA (Boy Scouts of America), our job is to leave it better than we found it.
And I'm so sure the people of Iraq would agree that we did that.
Aren't you?
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