Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Bring a War with Iran?

It's easy.  Just decide to do what Iraq's leaders just gave the go-ahead to (as reported in the WaPo): start negotiations with the US about keeping US military "trainers" in Iraq beyond the 31 December 2011 deadline.

What happens - if US "trainers" do indeed stay - when one or two of them get killed by Shii militias - you know, the ones that - we're being constantly told - are controlled and supplied by those nefarious Persians?  Will the Pentagon and the White House be content to simply chalk them up as sacrifices for the cause of Iraq's ongoing "liberation" and "democracy"?

Of course not.  American trainers will be walking bull's-eyes.  And you can bet that - assuming that the Iraqis go ahead with having trainers stay on - the Pentagon will be painting its own bull's-eyes on every Shii militia leader in Iraq, as well as on locations in Iran to which the CIA will have traced connections with those militias.  A cruise missile here, a drone attack there, an air-strike somewhere else . . . .  It won't take much to set off a serious encounter.

And Bibi will be beaming.

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