Saturday, May 7, 2011

Libya's "Forgotten War"?

From the analyst whose 2002 book The Threatening Storm was so instrumental in making the case for invading Iraq (which, as we all know, worked out so very well), Kenneth Pollack tries to steer our attention away from SEALs and Osama and back to Libya - in his estimation, now the forgotten war.

Pollack tells us that an escalation of the Libyan conflict is inevitable, and goes on to spotlight four options.   The first - invading Tripoli - he rules out (perhaps he's learned his lesson from the Iraq debacle?),  but at the end, he decides that the US cannot simply walk away.  So . . . he recommends arming the Libyan rebels and, in essence, hunkering down for a war of perhaps several years duration, evidently in the assumption that perseverance will be enough to ensure success - As if, over time, Qaddafi can be worn down and all the dominoes will fall in their proper sequence.

As Iraq and Afghanistan - and Vietnam - have shown, it's all so predictable - isn't it?

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