Monday, October 25, 2010

Other Iraqi Documents in US's possession

From NPR's site comes this interesting revelation:

Saad Eskandar, head of the Iraq National Library and Archives, says he is trying to persuade the U.S. government to release another trove of documents. These detail atrocities during the Saddam Hussein era.

Eskandar says much of this database would be accessible to Iraqi academics and lawyers, but not to average people. He says while people have the right to know what happened to their relatives, how they might act on information from the Saddam data or the WikiLeaks data could be dangerous.

"If these records mention names of those who killed or the name of this battalion of this army units, or police, this will lead to social chaos, we don't want this," he says. 

As one Iraqi put it, "In our country, we don't sue someone when we feel like we've been wronged. We take revenge."

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