Wednesday, June 16, 2010

US lawmakers blast 'disgraceful' Turkey over Iran, Israel

disgraceful Turkey?!  How about disgraceful, ignorant, myopic congressmen . . . in particular, Democrat Ms. Shelley Berkley, who  turned Turkish officials away from her office this week and said she would continue to do so "until I see a change in policy" and vowed to fight against Turkey's accession to the European Union.

All because Turkey dared to condemn an Israeli act of piracy against a ship bringing aid to blockaded Gaza that caused the death of 8 Turkish and 1 American citizen.  Says Ms. Berkley,
 "As far as I'm concerned, Turkey is responsible for the nine deaths aboard that ship, it is not Israel's troops that are responsible. . . .  They don't deserve to be a part of the EU until they start behaving more like the European nations and a whole lot less like Iran."
Except that people across Europe have joined in condemning Israel's act of piracy, as well as its earlier faked-passport shenanigans, for which the Irish government has just expelled the Israeli ambassador.

On the other hand, it's tough to be too hard on Ms. Berkley when our shiny-bright Democratic president declares himself well satisfied with Israel's decision to investigate itself over the piracy matter.  As Helena Cobban reports,
Washington rushed to express its support for a formula under which an all-Israeli body would conduct the investigation, aided by two "international" observers who would not have voting rights within the investigatory body (and whose access to all the documents it works with is by no means assured, either.) . . . .  Israel's creation of this whitewash self-investigation meets the goal of the White House that it further postpone the day when the Obama administration feels it needs to do anything concrete about the May 31 incident, in which non-NATO member Israel attacked a peaceful convoy of boats and killed one US citizen and eight citizens of NATO ally Turkey...
Again, when it comes to Israeli high-handedness, Washington's response is to kowtow to political expediency, rather than take a course of action that might serve the larger interests of justice.

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