Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mealy-mouthed Hasbara of the worst kind

Pitiful essay by Daniel Gordis (a vice president of the Shalem Center, a research and education institute, and the author of “Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War That May Never End.”) in the NY Times is platitudinous hasbara with all the standard, overused tropes: poor little Israel, alone against the world, victim of a horrid double standard, with no partner to make peace with.  Meanwhile, those nasty evil Turks are teaming up with the mad mullahs of Iran.  And if people don't have enough food in Gaza, well, don't blame us, blame the evil Hamas terrorists.

Finally, poor little Israel "will have to gird ourselves for the long, dangerous and lonely road ahead, buoyed by hope that what ultimately prevails will be not what is momentarily popular, but rather what is just."

If Israel cared for what is just, it would have allowed the refugees of 1947-49 and 1967 to return to their homes; it would abandon all its West Bank settlements; it would allow - even assist in - the creation of a viable Palestinian state, instead of continuing a string of provocations designed to play for more time to cement its hold over "Greater Israel" and make that state impossible.
Why would the Times publish this crap, having already provided Michael Oren a platform from which to spew the same kind of stuff?  Or is the NY Times' view of justice the same as that of Daniel Gordis and others of his ilk?

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