Friday, April 16, 2010

Will the US Intervention in Afghanistan prove to have been worth it?

That's the question Eugene Robinson addresses in his WaPo column today, in which he interprets the US military's decision to leave the remote Korengal Valley as a "template" for the entire Afghan adventure: over 5 years, an advance of 3 miles, at the cost of 42 US troops (no mention of lives ruined by severe wounds), few local hearts and minds won - only to pull out, with no discernible positive impact.

The US has wedded itself in Afghanistan to a corrupt, vote-stealing, warlord-coddling government in way that undercuts all we profess about how much we value democracy and human rights beyond our own shores.  There is no "victory" in sight, nor is "victory" attainable.

Meanwhile, US soldiers and marines are engaged daily in desperate firefights (most of which receive scant attention here at home) in remote places, or - out of fear or frustration - commit acts that earn them only more enemies, both in Afghanistan and in the broader Muslim World.

It's truly difficult to see what good is to possibly come from any of this.

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