Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on the "peace process"

Paul Woodward (who also manages the War in Context site) provides a nice round-up of recent reports and analyses on the doldrums in which the Israel-Palestine "peace process" currently finds itself.  Bottom line: it's going nowhere, in large part because Mr. Obama is turning out to be more hot air than courageous "decider" (to use George W. Bush's characterization of the presidency).  On the other hand, Paul also links to a fine piece from Rami Khouri in the Beirut Daily Star, who notes, quite fairly,
"In the face of this erratic track record by Obama, what have the Arabs and Israelis done in the past year, other than oppose, delay, irritate and obstruct the US president? If Obama gets a B for effort and a D for achievement, Arabs and Israelis probably deserve an F for their collective failure to contribute meaningfully to resolving their own conflict."
There can be absolutely no progress unless Hamas is brought into the discussions.  Instead, Obama stupidly holds them at arm's length; Gaza still simmer and suffers under Israel's blockade, while Mubarak proceeds with a wall to worsen the situation; and there's more and more chatter about the coming war between Israel and Lebanon.

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