Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Supposed New Intel for Iran Nuke Weaponization?

"New intelligence reveals Iranian military nuclear program advancing faster than previously thought" breathlessly reported by Barak Ravid at Haaretz.  My brief takes:

  • The MeK are hardly the most trustworthy or unbiased source for "intelligence" on the Iranian regime's activities.
  • For Bibi to argue to Mitt Romney that the fall of Idi Amin's Uganda regime three years after the IDF raid on Entebbe bodes well for a similar result if Israel-America was to bomb Iran is, shall we say, quite a stretch - and by no means sufficient rationale to launch strikes.
  • How does one reconcile this report with Ehud Barak's statement - only days ago! - that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program?

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