Saturday, June 30, 2012

A US Attack on Iran's Nuke Facilities is Not an Act of War (?!)

Come again?

But that, evidently, is the view of a US military planner discussing how 2013 might provide a window of opportunity for such an attack:

We would employ a totally stealthy force of F-22s, B-2s and Jassms [joint air-to-surface standoff missiles] that are launched from F-15Es and [Block 40] F-16s,” says the third planning veteran. “We should give Iran advanced warning that we will damage and likely destroy its nuclear facilities. It is not an act of war against Iran, the Iranian people or Islam. It is a pre-emptive attack solely against their nuclear facilities and the military targets protecting them. We will take extraordinary measures to protect against collateral damage.”

More details at Greg Scoblete's Compass post at Real Clear World.

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