Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baghdad Talks Going Nowhere

The LA Times has the story: the talks in Baghdad between Iran and the "6 Powers" are going nowhere.  Hardly surprising.  As one Iranian "insider" noted, the "Powers" want "diamonds for peanuts."

This entire exercise was doomed before the parties sat down.  The "Powers" came to Baghdad to squeeze, not negotiate.  And even if the Powers had a mind to budge even an inch to offer the Iranians some way to emerge with some dignity, Bibi and the US Congress were waiting to smack them down.  

Netanyahu/AIPAC/The Lobby/CUFI have Obama and Congress by the balls - and are determined to neuter Iran.  

This may have been the last shot to avoid war.  But Danica-lovin' Joe Sixpack has already consigned to that old dustbin the thousands of American lives lost and ruined - and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives lost and ruined (not that he cared especially) - to the Iraq debacle.  No doubt, he sees Iran as ready to crumble under a barrage of Cruise missiles and US Navy bombers.  No Americans in real jeopardy that way - and besides, Jesus and the Fox News experts don't care about dead Muslims.  Jesus wants the USA to reign forever.  Dead foreigners just got in the way.


Anonymous said...

"dignity for the iranians".. yeah, right! bombing the ayatollah would finally bring dignity to the iranians. the iranians are on the losing side when the western powers give in to the ridiculous demands of berserk ayatollah chameini. power to the mullahs means suppression of civilization. you're not going to approve this comment anyways, because you don't like what I say.

Anonymous said...

by the way: i am an iranian, born and grown up in teheran. i live in exile and i hate you islamo-fascists in academia. when you are torn to pieces in a suicide bombing, then maybe you understand the meaning of "allahu akbar" and the intentions of chameini and ahmadinajad. you are talking on behalf of the murderous regime of the ayatollah and i think you are despicable.


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