Saturday, April 28, 2012

The US's Non-Concession Concession on Iran

From the LA Times comes the report of a "major shift" in Obama's thinking on Iran's nuclear program - that the US just might "allow" Iran to  enrich uranium up to 5 percent, which, the LAT notes, is the upper end of civilian-use enrichment.

This despite the acknolwedged fact that, no matter Netanyahu and his amen corner in the US Congress may kick and scream,  international law (the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty) entitles Iran and every other country on the planet to a civilian nuclear program, which requires, of course, enriched uranium - which Iran is entitled to produce on its own.

Good to see that some in the Israeli establishment are calling Netanyahu to account on his messianic thunderings about attacking Iran.  (IDF chief Benny Gantz may be among them, according to Haaretz;  and former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin spoke out very strongly, only to have Bibi's defenders now accuse him of doing so out of petty personal animosities.) 

But as the LAT points out, Mitt Romney and the GOP members of Congress will jump all over Obama for any perceived slacking of pressure on Iran.  But what Obama may be contemplating seems hardly worth the hits he'll be taking.

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