Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mitt Romney Discovers Reagan - and the F Word

In his essay in today's WaPo (and so nicely timed for all the AIPACers who are in DC for their annual convention), Mitt Romney shows off his newly discovered F word.


As in, Jimmy Carter (of Iran hostage crisis fame) was the US's most "feckless" president ever; and now Barack Obama is proving equally "feckless" - says Mitt - in his dealings with (here's Mitt's second big F word) the "fanatic ayatollahs."

All of this behavior, Mitt tells us, to be stood in stark contrast to that of the formidably fearsome (oooohhhh - F words) Ronald Reagan, who in 1980 let those nasty ayatollahs know that he meant business - whereupon, minutes after Reagan's January 1981 inauguration, the now supposedly fearful uber-ayatollah Khomeini released the hostage Americans.

Thanks for that history lesson, Mitt.  But . . .

. . . why did you leave out the part about how several years later. Reagan, by then moving from fearsome and formidable to forgetful and fuzzy-brained, allowed his own helpers (later to be proven felonious) to make deals with the "fanatic ayatollahs" to sell them weapons for their war against our then fine friend, Saddam Hussein?  

You never heard of Iran-Contra, Mitt?  I mean, in all your contacts with Fox News, you never got to meet Ollie North?

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