Sunday, December 18, 2011

‘Blue bra girl’ atrocity: Egyptian military police more than brutal (VIDEO) — RT

It's truly difficult to watch a video such as this, but too many Americans have been numbed by the sanitized brutality of video games, pro wrestling or "Survivor," or the inane stuff that MTV (?) broadcasts on "Ridiculousness" - where "contributors" send in "hilarious" videos that often show people either injuring themselves, or getting injured in unexpected ways (like the toddler who was sent flying by a break dancer's wayward kick).

This, on the other hand, is real brutality, inflicted viciously on completely defenseless people (in this instance, a young Egyptian woman who had come to Tahrir Square - perhaps to protest, perhaps to witness - does it really matter?)

It's obvious that even with the protests of January and the elections of November in Egypt, and even the empowering of a new government in Tunisia, the Arab Spring is budding out, but a long way from blooming.

‘Blue bra girl’ atrocity: Egyptian military police more than brutal (VIDEO) — RT

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Anonymous said...

Early in the video, the girl and her companions are moving away from the cluster of police, but not real fast, perhaps only walking.

The girls trips/falls onto the ground, as some of the police make a 'rush', and her companions pull on her by the arms & clothing, as though to drag her along (which of course is a lot easier said than done).

It appears there is some indication that her clothing was pulled open and partially off, by her companions. The police then subsequently also drag her by her already-loosened clothing.

Bear in mind, it rapidly becomes very obvious in 'real' situations, that it is a lot easier to drag or control someone, by grabbing hold of the clothing (and hair, as often seen, too), than it is to take hold of an arm or foot or other body part.

What is most remarkable about the "blue bra girl" footage, is that her clothing is opened, and we see a clear view of her exposed upper torso & distinctively-colored bra.

And, it looks like it was not the police, but instead her associates, who actually pulled open her clothing.

Aside from the compromising intimate exposure that occurs, the beating to which "blue bra girl" is subjected is comparable to other "police action" that we see & know is being meted out to other protestors.

There are other aspects of this particular event that are not being noticed or properly assessed.

If you indicate that my input would be of interest, I will expand on them, including via private channels if you wish.


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