Friday, July 29, 2011

Hope for a More Just Israel?

In Haaretz, an essay from Adam Chandler details  how growing dissatisfaction with the current Israeli regime has led many progressive Jews, especially in the US, to turn their backs on Israel.  

Chandler notes especially

"a report released in June by Repair the World, a trans-denominational Jewish nonprofit, focused on volunteerism and social activism. The report describes how "millennials" - the organization's label for Jewish Americans ages 18-35 - recently ranked "Israel/Middle East peace" 10th on a list of social action causes with which they identify.  "For millennials, Israel is less important than animal rights and the environment," [one prominent commentator] noted.

Chandler sees much room for hope, with the persistence of a thriving literary, artistic and intellectual culture in Israel that may spark a resurgence of a Zionist left that will be more conducive to fairer dealing with the Palestinian Arabs both inside Israel and in the West Bank.  I'd like to share that hope, but it seems to me that anti-Arab racism has become too deeply rooted in Israeli society - including the Knesset, and especially among the West Bank settlers - and among the American Christian Zionists who support the settlers' agenda.

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