Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Allies": Qaddafi Must Go; But Then . . .?

As reported in the NYT, from today's meeting of "Allied Leaders" (shades of FDR and Churchill. Can't you see the Boy Emperor, sitting in Texas, wishing he could be part of this?): Qaddafi has to go, and then the "Allies" need to step in to fix Libya.

But then?
Mrs. Clinton met a second time with a senior leader of the opposition, Mahmoud Jibril, deepening the administration’s wary embrace of the provisional political council created to represent the rebels, both politically and militarily. American officials have acknowledged a dearth of information about the views of all those fighting under the opposition’s umbrella. The administration’s envoy to those rebels, John Christopher Stevens, is expected to travel to the rebel-held parts of Libya soon.

“We know some of them,” the American ambassador to Libya, Gene A. Cretz, said in Washington late last week. “We’re trying to get to know more of them, but I don’t think we’re at a point where we can make a judgment that this is a hundred percent kosher, so to speak, group.”

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