Monday, December 15, 2008

The Architect Of Abu Ghraib

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (December 15, 2008) - The Architect Of Abu Ghraib

The blogosphere as well as the MSM are alive with commentary on the US Senate's bipartisan report about the torture conducted under US auspices over the last seven years. There can no longer be reasonable doubt as to where the responsibility lies: in the Oval Office. And recall: this is the same President George W. Bush who repeatedly insisted, for the record, that the United States (for which he also repeatedly asked God's blessing) does not engage in torture. Now Karl Rove is orchestrating a Bush victory lap, planting little info-seedlings that, he must hope, will sprout quickly and thickly enough to provide enough cover for his man George to get out of Dodge with some shred of respectability.

Sorry, "turd blossom" - any chance of that went sailing over George's head along with Muntazir al-Zaydi's size 10's.

And as Andrew Sullivan points out, in contrast to Richard Nixon's felonies, there is no statute of limitations on war crimes. If I were George or one of his honchos, I'd restrict my lifetime travel plans to the lower 48.

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