Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stage-managing "Victory" in Iraq?

Even with security improved, the killing continues at a pace that in almost any other country would be unacceptable. And isn't it odd that despite all our touting of the Sunni Awakening/Sahwa/"Sons of Iraq," the Sunni regions of Iraq have yet to be handed over to Iraqi control? Pardon my cynicism, but I suspect that US military efforts now are going to focus on those same Sunni regions, to ensure that the provincial elections slated for October do indeed come off, and with as little violence as possible.

At that point, and contingent upon that result, expect the US to rush a handover of the remaining Sunni provinces to Iraqi control (though with many thousands of US troops still there). Bush+McCain will then declare victory in Iraq, just in time for that all-important first week in November.

On the other hand, looks like some Iraqis are seeing through the charade.

And, it looks like the Bushmen (John Bolton excluded - although be may no longer consider himself a Bushman anyway) may be coming slowly to their senses in dealing with Iran.

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