Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rami Khouri on Obama's "300"

As ever, Rami Khouri tells it like it is - in this instance, reminding us that it was Mr. Bush's Iraq escapade, and its enforcers, that lit the fire that threatens to consume Iraq altogether.  He also spotlights the hypocrisy of Obama's warning Iran that it must play a constructive role:

Obama’s comments on Iran are truly offensive. He resorts to his hallmark “audacity” in saying that Iran can be part of the regional diplomatic action needed to bring calm to Iraq if Iran plays a constructive role in Iraq. There is zero credibility in such statements coming from the president of a country whose war on Iraq probably created the most destruction there since the Mongol invasion and sacking of Baghdad in 1258. If there were a global award for willful and criminal destruction of a sovereign state by a foreign power, the U.S. and the United Kingdom would have to share that prize for their policies in Iraq.

Obama’s disdainful treatment of Iran reflects, however, a pattern of American attitudes that the U.S. can do anything around the world and not be held accountable for the death and destruction it causes, while smaller and darker states in the South must conform to behavioral norms set in Washington (and sometimes in Tel Aviv, though Israel usually is exempt from adhering to the same norms, as we witness today in the mass arrests, collective punishments and continued arrest and killing of children in Israeli-occupied Palestinian lands).

Indeed.  Well said.




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Anonymous said...

I think the fires had been lit since Islam touched the region over a thousand years ago. I guess I don't see any difference in the country of Iraq before and after the war. You had Saddam raping and killing men, women, and children and now you have the ISIS doing the same exact thing. So I guess I don't understand why people keep trying to blame Bush for the atrocities of Iraq when the same atrocities were being committed before he even took office. Not to mention Muslims have been fighting in the region amongst themselves for over a thousand years. The real blame here should be put on the people of the Middle East and Islam for not taking action against such atrocities. People preach that it is a peaceful religion, yet it continues to produce more extremists aka murderers than any other religion. Bush didn't cause this mess, Islam has been causing this mess for over a thousand years.


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